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Leominster Storage Solutions

345 Central Street, Leominster, MA 01453

55 Customer Reviews

3 Months Ago

~Keri Polson

4 Months Ago

~Jessi R.

5 Months Ago

"It was a great experience, Patrick was very helpful and quick in getting me Into the storage unit. I drove in on my lunch and he made it happen so I could get back to work."

~Dan Thebeau

5 Months Ago

"Very friendly and clean storage area"

~Marjorie Fischer

5 Months Ago

"Very friendly, kind staff!! Had an awesome experience getting a unit for the first time here. Highly recommend!!"

~Diana Rosario

8 Months Ago

"Am back for the third time! Wonderful customer service. Dianne is totally awesome.She takes care of everything and is always pleasant. And Bud is amazingly helpful. They’ve updated the facility too. Clean and safe. Even my son was happy that I was storing here. Felt I was protected. I highly recommend!"

~Anne Gilman

8 Months Ago

~Nicolas Esnal

9 Months Ago

"Just booked a storage unit here. I've used Storage Solutions in the past and thought they were fabulous. They are accessible, clean, and you feel safe in their climate controlled, secure and monitored units. Just when I thought they couldn't be better, I find they've added covered loading/unloading area where you are sheltered while moving stuff to/from your vehicle. Rented this unit from Patrick, who was very helpful and courteous. Couldn't ask for better service."

~Nancy Byrne

9 Months Ago

"Clean and well improved for easier loading and unloading. Great protection from the elements."

~Nick Miller

9 Months Ago

~Astral Fiction

10 Months Ago

"Both Diane and Patrick were very friendly and helpful. It helped that they were offering a half price sales. The facility is clean and easily accessible. I can not imagine how this service could have been better."

~Greg Aldrich

10 Months Ago

~Jorge Ruiz

"Good facility easy in and out clean, neat, & well-lit what more could you ask for."

~Jim Pecora

"Great customer service!"

~Jessica Argollo

~SMD Gaming

"Mr. And Mrs. Brown are great people to deal with. Very down to earth.."

~kyle williams

~Keith Vaillancourt

"Always friendly and helpful storage is temp regulated"

~Mike Berry

~NancyJo Daly

~The food critic

"We have been customers for a long time, have multiple units, and regularly refer people here. The place is clean and well run. Diane is always friendly and helpful and our visits are always easy! Highly recommended!"

~Michelle Biscotti

"Could not believe the ease of renting a storage unit. Renting space due to the fact am selling home."

~Richard Boudreau Sr.

"Very good"

~Wilson Pena

"Very professional! Diane was great too and her husband!! 5stars for you guys."

~Lira's Services Nildo

"I would highly recommend Leominster Storage Solutions! Not only is it clean and very well maintained, but the staff and help is exceptional. Bud, Diane and Patrick are always available to lend a helping hand and resolve any questions we may have. The facility is well monitored, safe and secure. We have had our storage at Leominster Storage Solutions for several years and will continue for several more years!!! I would recommend that Leominster Storage be your solution for your storage needs!"

~Barbara Assimakopoulos

~Benjamin Nogueras

"This was a positive experience for me. Patrick made sure that everything had been gone over and answered my many questions and reassured me that if in the future if something came to mind to not hesitate to contact them."

~Teresa Kowalczyk

"Friendly people, super clean secure storage. Highly recommend this place"

~Scott Pearson

"Big place, inside air controlled enviroment"

~Andrew Gage

"Always very friendly and accommodating!"

~Patricia Savignano

"This is a very clean storage facility which is professionally run by very good people! You can't do better than this place!"

~Keith Shaw

~Richard Hill

~Delio Deleon

"Very clean storage facility"

~Mary Floyd

"Decent prices and easy secured access to the facilities."

~Greg Breton

~MrAftershock93 Barnes

~Rosmery Feliz

~Julie Cepeda

"Places well-run clean good parking area professional"

~Luis Bermudez

"I've been a customer for almost 7 years now. Diane and staff are wonderful, friendly, honest, and fair. The facility is always accessible, safe, dry, environmentally well-controlled (not humid in summer, not frozen in winter). I've never seen any evidence of bugs, rodents, or birds like at some other places (Beverly Self-Storage on Rantoul Street, I'm looking at you). There have been two or three nominal price increases since we began renting, but I am extremely satisfied with Leominster Storage Solutions and will continue to do business with them for as long as I'm living in the area!"

~K P

~julio lugo

~Kevin Weeks

~James Ayers

~NEC Employee

"Good people. Clean facilities."

~Rob Taylor

"They are nice and very reasonable. Always available for my storage needs."

~Tim Specht

~Patrick Bobell

"Worth every penny, safe and secure with piece of mind."

~Daniel Ciccone

"Clean, Easy and the staff was great!"

~Kelly Joseph

"We moved from out of state and Leominster Storage Solutions was so helpful and friendly. The units are extremely clean and modern AND climate controlled as well as very secure. Kudos to Christine and Diane!"

~Dana Booth

~Edward DeLisle

"Leominster Storage Solutions is the TOP OF THE LINE when it comes to storage. Courteous exceptional customer service, impeccably clean units and FREE TRUCK AVAILABLE to move in. What more could one ask for!!!!!!!!!!!"

~Cherie Fisher

"dealing with Diane has been a pleasure."

~Ric Bourn