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Maynard Storage Solutions

109 Powder Mill Road, Maynard, MA 01754

80 Customer Reviews

2 Months Ago

~Tom Rourke

2 Months Ago

~Joan Antognoni

4 Months Ago

"Attentive and timely."

~Andrew T.

5 Months Ago

"These guys were great! I was in the middle of a move, and the new building was delayed, so I kept the contents of my apartment here for three months. The ability to back my car/moving truck right up to the door of my unit was amazing and such a time (and back) saver. The facility felt secure too! They noticed my lock was gone during their daily rounds - before I even notified them that I had moved out - and they called me right away! I highly recommend :)"

~Kelsey McDonough

5 Months Ago

"First of all the good; clean facility, at least my building/unit. Climate control remained working for the 2 months I used it. Enough lighting and cameras that I felt safe. Access to the units makes sense. Folks working in the office are helpful. I had a unit at the rear of the facility that was a walk-thru indoor unit, not a drive-thru or exterior unit. However, on multiple occasions I rolled up to find the exit fence wide open (3 times) and, more importantly, the doors of my building were wide open in the middle of the night. In one instance I manually shut the door and locked it and called management. Had to leave a voicemail because it was at night (8-9 PM?). Nobody ever responded. Once I realized there really isn't 24/7 response time, I stopped calling, but did find the doors open at least 5-6 times at various times of day. So, despite the climate control, not really going to keep animals/insects and inclement weather out fully. Wish they had responded. The problem seems to be that the sensors get fogged due to condensation with the cold meeting the warm, then they detect the fog as an obstruction and the doors remain open. Either fix this or at least get back to people when they call with a concern; could be the next day, but return phone calls so we don't think you're an absentee landlord. Or inform people that this can happen and how to mitigate the issue themselves. Also, if you're getting a unit in the rear of the facility, be aware that on at least one of the buildings, there is an incline leading to the door (this is the building with units in the 6000s) that isn't all that noticeable; but you'll sure notice it if you use the supplied cart and leave it unattended for a second to open your vehicle; several times the cart slid down the incline and I had to act quickly to catch it. Not sure if this is why the unit was discounted or what but just be careful up there."

~Matthew Forrestall

11 Months Ago

"Great service and the place is kept very clean."

~Will L

"Super clean facilities, excellent office staff"

~Mong-Yu Blancha

~ali peters

"Great to work with and high end storage"

~Mark T F.

~Toby Gould

"I was able to visit and rent an appropriate space in one day. The staff is friendly and promptly answers all calls. Very easy to deal with."

~Kathy Simpson

"efficient and fast"


"Convenient location, great service!"

~Ashley Swenson

"Really clean and safe. I'd store your stuff here"

~David Gray

~Richard Bolton

"The help staff is professional, thorough, and pleasant. The facility is clean, the units are new, tidy, and well monitored for security. After visiting a handful of storage facilities in my vicinity I chose Maynard Storage Solutions."

~Keith Coughlin

"Really nice folks and a clean unit."

~Alan R T.

"Rented a unit to store my 2017 Mustang GT for the winter. Allison gave my a great deal and she’s a fellow muscle car owner. Clean, safe storage facility close to my daughters house. Plan on renting a unit next winter also."

~robert lee

"Clean, safe, modern, easy to get in and out of at any hour."

~Rick Hedeman

"My experience with Maynard Storage Solutions have been exceptionally positive. The Manager Allie was prompt in a call back and arranging a tour of various size units available and helping me decide what was best for my needs. Also the facility is clean and I feel my stored items will be safe there (climate control and cameras, onsite employees during the day and gated entrance.). Best storage solution in the area in my opinion!"

~Brooke A Bero

"I use Maynard Storage Solutions to store my car. A professional and friendly group of folks here. Very prompt communication and great prices. I highly recommend them."


~Lisa Searle

"Everything was as advertised! I have zero issues with my 8 months using them. Very friendly and professional."


"Alli.. Is amazing..great customer relation.. A+++"

~Nicole Viens

"Very friendly and helpful. The premises were very clean. Thank you!!"

~odette goddard

~Leslie Brown

"Really impressed by this excellent, well run facility. Definitely the best storage place I have used. Staff is excellent, especially Grace. She was extremely helpful in getting me situated with what I needed for my move in terms of boxes and other moving supplies! Security is another strong suite, as they have cameras everywhere and an access control system. Additionally, I have seen the Maynard Police patrolling in the area more than once. Would recommend this business to anyone looking for storage in the area!"

~David Mollica

"I arrived here in such stress and frustration in having absolutely no clue on how to go about moving and where to store my items. Grace not only made me feel rest assured that we would be more than satisfied in our decision, but that we would also receive an amazing deal with the special we found online. She had turned the most hectic day into an extremely pleasant one. She ensured that we received answers to any question we could have, and also helped us with our supplies so that we didn’t have to make multiple stops which was an extreme time saver-We also received 10% OFF ten boxes which was an AMAZING DEAL! Kudos and 5 stars to Storagesolutions for having such a helpful, hardworking pleasant staff! I am so beyond relieved with our choice and completely and rest assured that our belongings are stored in such a wonderful and clean facility with great prices. And we now know that there are multiple locations so we have the ability to stay with the same company. I would never store anywhere else!"

~Kpatricia318 Kpatricia318

"I wanted to say THANK YOU to Maynard Storage Solutions. We just sold our house and put everything in storage while we were in transition. Maynard Storage Solutions made it go very smooth. The manager, Allison Peters is very professional and I loved working with her. Thank you again. I'd highly recommend this facility."

~Deborah Backman

~DiGi Trust

~Vadapokojnqma Krikoryan

~Dennis Griffin

"Great Location. Friendly staff and modern, very clean facility (A/C). Definitely to recommend."

~Klaus Schottenhamel

~Rozsa Herczeg Rozembersky

~Jake Egan O'Hara

~Paige Fam

"We have utilized Maynard Storage Solutions for our storage needs. The storage units are immaculate, easy to access, and superbly run. Everyone at the front desk has been extremely helpful. We highly recommend this company."

~Sharon O'Donoghue

"We were happy to find the perfect place for our stuff to be stored with MSS. We got a 10X20 it was brand new, clean, and convenient. The staff was great in getting us set up!"

~Holly Eden Morrow

"We needed a small space to store items for an upcoming room renovation. I looked at several spaces in the area. Maynard Storage was, hands down, by far the best! Manager Allie is very friendly and professional & handled the whole initial renting process efficiently. The facility is extremely well run. It's spotless and there's always a dolly by the door. The ability to drive in for loading & unloading in a covered space is invaluable for days of messy weather. We highly recommend this facility."

~Leslie Touw

"Clean and well organized storage facility."

~Markus Mobius

"this place is such a switch from your grand dads storage spot clean and appropriate staff who can problem solve in real time 100%"

~joseph moores

~Steve King

~Leia Owen

~Greg Higgins

~drin king

"Facility is clean and organized. Office staff helpful and friendly"

~Bredt Handy

~Jessica Apsler

~Amanda Ramos

"When it comes to storage, Maynard Storage solutions is the best! Easy 24/7 access, great customer service and awesome employers!"

~Jennifer Hanson

~Corey Murach

"Marike was extremely helpful and kind. I was able to quickly rent a unit and the access to my storage is very convenient!"

~Esther Rivera

"maynard storage solutions is great! Super clean facilities, supplies on site and a wide variety of sizes and prices. Marike and Ali are always willing to help and have free candy and coffee in their air conditioned lobby. They make it easy to deal with all the stuff I can’t part with."

~Priscilla Sandberg

"Very clean and very well managed!"

~pamela galeota

~A D

"The staff is efficient and friendly, the place is immaculate, it's great to have a clean bathroom. My entire experience has been great."

~Lorraine Ledford

"I rented a storage unit from Maynard Storage Solution. So far I am very happy with my decision!! I visited a few other facilities before renting from here. The manage Ali is very friendly, helpful and always around. The place is clean, load/unload is very easy. I have to drive through two gates that requires security code before entering the building, therefore I know the place is safe and secure."

~Carol Ho

"Two years ago my wife and I needed to rent a storage unit ASAP and were able to rent two storage units the day we needed to move. Allie has been very helpful from day one and even remembers our names every time we go in to the office, she’s very friendly and always smiles when she sees us. The storage facility is clean, temperature controlled, and conveniently located."

~Hans Leal

~Tom King Jr

"I have been a customer at Maynard Storage Solutions for 2 years. The property is always well maintained, the staff is friendly and extremely helpful. I receive numerous deliveries on a monthly basis, Allison and Marike notify me immediately when packages arrive and ensure that they are in a safe place until I can pick them up at the end of my workday. I highly recommend this location for its convenience, competitive pricing, clean and comfortable facility and most importantly a friendly and efficient staff."

~Eric Lofstrom

~Danielle Bessette

"This storage facility is beautiful and the easy-access, drive-in feature is great! If you haven't checked it out yet, I recommend that you stop by and speak to one of the friendly and helpful staff members."

~Jennifer Kessler

"From inquiry, to scheduling, to moving in, Maynard Storage Solutions management was extremely helpful and catered to our needs. Clean units, safe location, great price, and efficient set-up and payments. Would highly recommend!"

~Megan Maisano

"It is clean, well lit, safe and easy to access. I was very impressed. I would choose it again if I had a need."

~Bob Caspe

"We rented three units at Maynard Storage Solutions for over a year and a half to store the contents of our home. The staff was professional, courteous and accommodating at all times. The process was easy and any questions we had were answered clearly and in detail. We also found their web site to be very user friendly. We rented climate controlled units. When we emptied the units our belongings were in the same condition as when we put them in storage. We have heard horror stories about mold, odor and animal (rodent) damage at other storage facilities but not here. Our property was in perfect condition. A special shout out to Ali in the office."

~Tom Baratta

"Maynard storage solutions was an amazing place to help me in the process of moving. Ali the manager was wonderful and very caring. The facility was always beyond well maintained, very clean, and the office has everything you need to start your storage process!! 24 hour access, I wouldn’t go anyplace else!!!"

~Leah Barker

"Maynard Storage Solutions has been wonderful to work with! The facilities are immaculate, the pricing is reasonable and staff is both friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!"


"We have rented unit(s) from Maynard Storage Solutions for the last nine months. We cannot say enough positive things about our experience. The facility is extremely clean, easy to navigate, provides excellent dollies distributed throughout the facility, and is open 24/7. We have taken solace that our possessions were in a safe and protected space. Then there is the staff... ALWAYS helpful, friendly and available. From billing questions to storage unit selection, the people running the Maynard facility have been a pure delight. Bravo to all."

~Craig Maxey

"We've rented units at Maynard Storage Solutions since 2015. I highly recommend them, especially if you are fussy and want to ensure your belongings are safe from mold, odors, critters and other hazards that might befall storage units. I find that these folks have the same high standards that I do. And their customer service has been outstanding, no matter what my question or need has been. They patiently walked me through the options when we were choosing a larger unit and definitely prioritize saving me money whenever possible. I'm so grateful whenever I experience that level of loyalty and service!"


"I had my mother's antique furniture and memorabilia in storage here for over 2 years. The facilities are remarkable: temperature control, humidity control, multiple points of security, easy drive in and loading area (covered and sheltered from the weather) and even flat dollies to help you move boxes/items in and out. Customer service was excellent and they went above and beyond to give me my refund even when I closed up the day my bill renewed for the month. If I ever need storage I would consider Maynard storage solutions and highly recommend theses facilities."

~Stéphanie Schneider

~Ben Lovy

~Brittany Perkoski

"Great setup"

~Dany Pelletier

"Clean, well-lit, and well maintained! Code system easy to use and allows you to drive your car inside the storage building right up to where your unit is. Dolly's available for your use. Just wish there was a code for bathrooms so I don't have to walk all the way to the office for the key."

~Jenn Allen

~Richard Young



"Best storage facility I have ever used. Very well maintained. Easy access and reasonably priced. Very highly recommend."

~Beverly Turner

"Great people. Clean and well lit. All ground floor!"

~Tatiana Fletcher